Liquid Damaged Phones

Helpful Tips for Liquid Damaged Phones

Damage from corrosion and short circuiting commences almost immediately after a phone has been wet.

Here are a few tips to increase the probability of your phone surviving a swim:

  • Take the battery out of the handset immediately. Electricity increases the rate of corrosion.​​
  • Get the handset to us as soon as possible. Time is of the essence with wet phones.
  • The longer the delay, the lower the chances of a successful repair.​​
  • Drying the phone out yourself. Often people will try drying out the phone themselves. They remove the cover and dry it out near a heater, with a hair dryer or in the sun. I've even had one guy try to dry it out in a microwave (Idiot. Needless to say the phone never went again). While this shouldn't damage the phone, and it may even appear to fix the problem, corrosion usually claims it after a while.​
  • The commonly recommended technique of placing your wet phone in to a container of rice for 48 hours is also a myth, while instant rice does sometimes work as seen in this experiment, the rice method is not recommended.
  • The only way to successfully repair a wet phone is to completely disassemble the unit, completely dry it out, remove any corrosion and use a corrosion inhibiting fluid to prevent the formation of more corrosion.​

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